Dog Friendly Beaches on the Sunshine Coast

I’m going to have a bit of a whinge because I don’t understand the logic behind council laws on the Sunshine Coast.

Why are there specified, tiny, dog-friendly, off-leash bits of beach? Why aren’t all beaches open to off-leash, well socialised dogs? Fair enough, don’t allow them in the flags where people congregate to swim and sunbathe but what’s the harm in having a well socialised, well-behaved, off-leash dog anywhere else? Where I live there’s a stretch of beach that is regularly empty and stretches from Marcoola to Yaroomba and beyond. On any given weekday you can count the number of people on this stretch of beach on your fingers. And yet dogs are not welcome on it off leash except for a 100m stretch between the hours of 5am and 8am and 5pm and 8pm. That means that I can’t run my dog during the day unless I drive somewhere else. Which brings me to my next point in how farcical the council is.

It’s not environmentally friendly. How can it be beneficial for me to have to get in my car and drive a minimum of 6km to Coolum in order to run my dog off-leash? So my car is outputting carbon dioxide and using up fuel reserves just because some idiot at the council sitting behind his desk doesn’t know the first thing about the real world. It just doesn’t add up. And he/she probably can’t either.

All the arguments they throw at you are pathetic. It’s to protect people from aggressive dogs they say. Well how does that work then? Shouldn’t the council be doing something about the people who have made their dogs aggressive? Take their dogs away from them and send the dogs to rehabilitation whilst fining the scum bags. It’s virtually never too late to rehabilitate a dog. You only have to watch Cesar Millan to realise that. And what’s to stop people bringing aggressive dogs to a designated off-leash area anyway? And why should everybody else with well socialised dogs be treated the same as if their dogs are aggressive? That’s guilty until proven innocent. So applying those standards to humans, that means every person everywhere should be treated as a criminal and put in prison just in case.




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